Revealing Innate Immune Pathways to Build



Onchilles Pharma is a global drug discovery and development company that leverages novel innate immuno-biology to develop the next generation of pan-cancer therapeutics. These potential first-in-class medicines exploit a novel fundamental mechanism of action to treat cancer, independent of its genetic background, anatomical origin, or immunotype. Based on this novel innate mechanism of action, Onchilles is developing a pipeline of first-in-class biologic drug candidates and plans to start first-in-human clinical trials in 2025.

Novel Neutrophil Immuno- Biology Empowers Anti-Tumor Immunity

Neutrophils are among the most abundant white blood cells in the immune system and serve as the first line of defense against infections, inflammation, and cancer. Onchilles’ scientific founder, Dr. Lev Becker, uncovered that human neutrophils release catalytically active neutrophil elastase (called ELANE), which selectively and potently kills cancer cells independent of their genetics and anatomical origin, mobilizes adaptive immunity, and avoids resistance mechanisms. In animal models, exploiting this innate pathway has shown to kill cancer cells at the initial tumor site and also resulting in boosted adaptive immunity by T cells against distant metastases. Some of these discoveries were published in the journal Cell in 2021.


Neutrophil elastase selectively kills cancer cells and attenuates tumorigenesis
Cell, 2021



First-in-Class Pan-Cancer Therapeutics

Onchilles Pharma has established a leadership position and discovery platform based on these ground-breaking discoveries and translated them into a proprietary set of molecules with the potential to treat a wide variety of tumor types with an optimal efficacy and safety profile. Onchilles plans to start first-in-human clinical trials for its first drug candidate in 2025 in skin cancers, head and neck cancer, and triple negative breast cancer.


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