PharmaShots: Onchilles Pharma at AACR 2024: Lev Becker in a Stimulating Conversation with PharmaShots

Onchilles Pharma unveiled findings at AACR 2024 from the late-stage preclinical data of its two candidates: N17350 and N17465 (read the release here). PharmaShots had an engaging dialogue exchange with Lev Becker, Associate Professor, University of Chicago and Cofounder, Onchilles Pharma  Lev highlights the unique novel mechanism that Onchilles Pharma leverages to treat a wide…


SDBJ: Onchilles Pharma Shares Promising Preclinical Data; New Mechanism Discovered Could Treat Wide Range of Cancers

Jeff Clemetson of the San Diego Business Journal talked with Onchilles after the Company’s presenation at AACR 2024 of new preclinical data for N17350 and N17465 demonstrating the potential for potent and tumor-selective treatment (read the release here). To read the SDBJ article, click here.


Drug Target Review: Transforming Cancer Treatment for Greatest Impact

In this Q&A with Drug Target Review, Dr Lev Becker, Associate Professor, University of Chicago and Cofounder of Onchilles Pharma, reveals how the company is directing research into neutrophil biology to create new therapeutics for cancer patients that need it most. Read the article below or download the article by clicking here.


SDBJ: Onchilles Pharma Raises $7M for Targeted Cancer Therapy

Natallie Rocha of the San Diego Business Journal talked with Onchilles after the announcement of a $7 million Series A financing. “The infusion of funding will bolster Onchilles’ development of a new cancer treatment and finding the Achilles heel of oncology as the biotech’s name suggests,” said Court R. Turner, co-founder and executive chair of…


BioWorld: Onchilles looks for cancer’s Achilles heel with a $7M series A

Lev Becker spent about six years studying how to release neutrophile elastase from human neutrophils so it could select cancer cell types that need killing and ignore non-cancer cells. That research eventually led to a recent publication in Cell and the launch of Onchilles Pharma Inc. To read the full article, click here.

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Onchilles Pharma Raises $7 Million Series A to Advance Drug Candidates to Activate Newly Discovered Broad-Acting Anticancer Pathway

– Foundational research published today in Cell is the first to describe ELANE, a major anti-cancer protein released by human neutrophils that activates cell death pathways specifically in cancer cells – ELANE demonstrates broad and selective cancer killing efficacy and attenuation of tumor growth and metastases in multiple preclinical models – Financing will advance the…


Could neutrophils be the secret to cancer’s Achilles’ heel?

A study published in the June 10, 2021 issue of Cell describes a remarkable new mechanism by which the body’s own immune system can eliminate cancer cells without damaging host cells. The findings have the potential to develop first-in-class medicines that are designed to be selective for cancer cells and non-toxic to normal cells and…


Cancer’s Achilles Heel? UChicago Startup Secures $7 Million to Develop Unique Treatment

Onchilles Pharma recently closed its Series A funding round, bringing in approximately $7 million, including a $500,000 investment from the University of Chicago’s Startup Investment Fund. Cofounded by UChicago Associate Professor of Ben May Department of Cancer Research, Lev Becker, and LYZZ Capital Partner, Court Turner, the company is developing first-in-class medicines that are designed…


Nature Reviews Drug Discovery: A Protease with Far-Reaching Anti-Cancer Effects

Although cancer therapies are becoming increasingly specific to the tumour and mutation type, a potent tumour-agnostic and mutation-agnostic targeted agent would have a high overall therapeutic utility. Writing in Cell, Cui and colleagues have identified that neutrophil elastase (ELANE), via CD95 (also known as FASL and tumour necrosis factor ligand superfamily member 6) and histone…